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Date: 2011-01-21 00:00:00


We have full sets of printing and binding equipment.

XY book production includes:

Offset Printing
XY Printing’s offset printing machines’ brands are Heidelberg, Roland, Komori,  which can do 5 colors, 4 colors, 2 colors and 1 color printing.
Web Printing
To fasten production time, for large print run,  we will use Web printing machines,  but paper for this kind of machine can’t be thicker than 105gsm coated paper and 100gsm offset paper. 

(2) Regarding binging process, it differs from different product. Such as, perfect bound book production, printing-QC checking over printed sheets-paper folding----advanced samples will be provided if needed---section sewn if there is-cover finishing such as lamination will be done meanwhile—perfect bound—QC over finished product---packing
Each process status will be updated on time.

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