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 Printing Types  

A specialized version of the intagio tradtional process of very finely carving images onto metal plates from which ink is applied directly to paper(unlike offset printing),resulting in a fine design with a unique raised texture ,Alternate Themography.
Very fine and detailed reproduction;feels traditional and expensive
Long time to produce and high cost .Only good for one or two color jobs in line art,not for continuous tone work.
A process for producing raised lettering ,as on stationery or namecards,by application of a proder that is fused by heat to the fresh ink.A cheap and fast alternate to engraving.
Fast and inexpensive
Can look and feel cheap
A mechanised process related to Engraving whereby ink is applied to paper directly when roll-fed paper passes through a high speed printing cyinder.Many used for newspaper printing
The cheapest price
Relatively Low Quality ,few machines available
Offest printing machine
Sheet Fed
The main type of printing used by CPS.Paper is fed into the machine one sheet at a time
Accepts many different substrates,accepts paper from 70gsm-400gsm.Best quality more flexbility of paper size.
More expensive than Web press,cannot print less than 70gsm,difficult to impose due to different paper size,no vanable printing
Web Press
A paper roll based machine for extremely fast and cheap production,printing/folding occur in the same machine.There are Cold set web machines(no drying unit involved) and Heat set machines(product is printed/dried/floded together)
Cheapest price(except Rotogravure),convenient and fast,can print on light papers,has variable printing
Medocre quality,limtations on size because of press bed confguration.

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