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Binding Types

Saddle stitch
Binding achieved through the insertion of
2 or more wire staples in the middle of the spine
Suitable for Magazines,newsletters,catalogs,pages
Must be set up as printers spreads.
Usually cannot be used for more than 100 pages book.looks cheap.
Side stitch
Similar to saddle stitch ,but throught the side.
Cheap ,fast,very strong
Requires proper design setup.
Side sewn
Similar to saddle stitch ,but using stitched thread.
Classy old world feel
Requires proper design setup,more time comsuming.
Perfect bound
A method of binding for paperback books where hot glue is applied to the edge of the singly cut pages to aff them to the cover
Slick,finished feel.
More expensive and comsuming
Burst perfect
A variation on perfect binding where pages are first sewn in bundles then hot glued into the cover.
Slick finished feel ,stronger than normal perfect binding
More expensive and time comsuming than perfect binding
Lay flat perfect
A special kind of binding where pages are first sewn in bundlies than hot glued into the cover.
Good for cookbook and other paperback books requiring lay fat
Can not do in China normally;only avaiable for higher quality.
Case bound
Binding for books where pages are sewn together and then the ends applied by glue to a thick,hardbound cover.
Best quality
More expensive and time comsuming for books
Spiral bound
Bindling using a plastic or metal cool running through holes punched through the piece ,good for scholl books ,cookbooks ,notebooks,ect.
Strong and long lasting ,can be made in low quality.
Expensive and time comsuming.
A variation of spiral binding with a double cool of wire.
Stronger and better than normal sprial.
More expensive than normal sprial
Concealed double loop
A variation of double loop wire binding where the coils is hidden inside the cover.
Better looking ,do not see the coils;can be made in low quantity.
Cover can rip more easily
Comb bound
Binding with plastic with”teeth” that close together into holes punched in the piece;good for business proposales,reports and other low quality items.
Can be made by anyone with cheap machine;can be made in low quantity.
Cheap looking ,easy to fall out of the holes,not suitable for big runs.
Screw and post
Binding with a metal or plastic screw and nut that are inserted in one or more holes in the piece.
Classy looking,can be done in low quantity.
Hard to find the right size screw and post and must be set up special ,expensive.
Ring bound
Binding where a thick metal ring is inserted through a large holes punched in the piece.can be a single loose ring or a binder of 2 or more rings affixed to board of paper or PVC.
Good for binding very thick piece;allow pages be inserted or removed
More expensive and less permanent than casing binding/perfect binding
Plastic grip
Binding where pages are sid vertically into a plastic clamp ,usually with a PVC or Mylar cover page and cardstock backing ,for business presentations,reports.
Good for low quality
Cheap looking ,only good for small quantity.

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