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China Printing History

In China, the earliest printing can be tracked to Stamp, Extension tablet and stone carvings, ect. Then jianyang should be a more mature traditional printing mode. It has more than 1300 years history. During the prosperous Tang Dynasty and Buddhism heyday, people have printed lots of Buddhist and painting and calligraphy by jianyang. Gansu dunhuang once found a beautifully printed the diamond sutra. According to research, it is proved to be the earliest intact woodcarving printed materials found in domestic.

Until Song Dynasty,Bisheng invented Movable-type printing which was a qualitative leap.He used daub lettering which was not used widely ,but effected huge contribution on new invention and innovation of world printing technology and had far-reaching influence on culture of human being and civilization development.

China printing directly or indirectly spread to many other countries in the world.During Tang &Song Dynasties,it was spread from east to Japan;During 1200AD , it was spread from west to Egypt; During 1300AD, europeans who come to China via Persia, also learned the printing very quickly, During 1400AD, the north koreans has created the TongHuoZi printing based on in  wooden type printing of China.

In 1980s later, with the foreign printing machinery and technology continuously introduced ,China's printing industry  appeared to new great-leap-forward development.

Entering the 21st century, the growth rate of China's printing industry was more than 20%. China not only had more comprehensive growth  on printing enterprise, specialized talented person,  production technology and equipment installation, but also the technology innovation and promoting technology, network information technology and CTP technique and digital printing, enterprise overall quality and competitive ,ect have been improved greatly. After pasting ten thousand years ,The invention of printing faced global printing technology innovations of surging wave,.Although we still need to learn more from it, but it is a irreversible historical trend of being the new peak of the historical inheritance



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