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Paper Types

Art Paper: A common name for a coated paper stock with good reproductive qualities for offset printing.

Book Paper: A paper suitable for offset printing, generally with a high opacity as well as excellent folding qualities and durability.

Woodfree Paper: Paper which contains less than 10% mechanical pulp; Good for one and two color jobs, or jobs requiring a lower reproductive quality of full color images.

Coated paper:Paper is a senior presswork paper made of paper coated white paint.Mainly used for printing senior books of the cover and illustrations, color posters, various elegant advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademark, etc.

News paper:An inexpensive paper made primarily of mechanically ground wood pulp rather than chemical pulp.

Synthetic Paper:A paper-like material made of PVC and commonly referred to as ‘yupo paper’ with excellent reproductive qualities and a slick, smooth feel. Can be rather expensive.


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