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Special Printing techniques

The cutting of shapes from the substrate using a custom-made metal die and stamping machine.

A die-stamping process resulting in a raised (Emboss) or depressed (Deboss) surface on the substrate. Embossing may be executed either without any printing to highlight the affected area (blind Emboss) or as a complement to a printed area, for instance where a logo is first printed on a surface and then embossed.

Hole Punching:
A process by which holes of a specified size are drilled through a finished, bound catalog or other printed material.

Hot Foil Stamp:
A process whereby a metallic foil is die-stamped on to a substrate (usually paper) to leave an imprinted logo, text or other graphic device in the color and material of the metallic foil. A popular technique for Book Titles, Name Cards and invitations, hot stamps are generally either gold or silver, but may be created in a wide range of metallic colors.

The punching of small holes (usually in straight lines) into a sheet of paper, to make a printed area easy to tear off. Used for vouchers, response cards, etc., various levels of ease in removing the perforated area may be achieved through the spacing between the holes.

A process whereby a crease is created in a straight line on the substrate, primarily used to allow for ease of folding.


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